We’re a team of professionals who love what we do and have an undying passion for video productions.

Drumroll Pictures was established in year 2015, founded by writer director and producer Manav Malhotra.Manav Malhotra is a Director, Producer and Writer, from New Jersey, USA, known for Reality of a Dream (2011), Tomorrow Ever After (2016) and The Visit (2015). He has also directed many other short films and some of his films have won critical acclaim and many awards, screened at major International Film Festivals. Drumroll has lots of short film and feature credits. Drumroll has developed a proper production crew that is capable of any media production for film and TV. Team constitutes prominent cinematographers like Faroukh Mistry and director Harish Vyas as ongoing collaborators for various projects currently undergoing. Drumroll is also funded by business entity called Malektron Solutions, a New Jersey, USA based software company in business for more than 10 years.

Graduated from New York Film Academy and is a constant contributor to various film projects. He is currently doing pre-production for his next Bollywood movie to be shot soon this year. Drumroll is doing pre production currently with 2 more Bollywood projects.

Drumroll currently produced a Bollywood feature called “Angrezi Mein Kehte Hein” featuring Sanjay Mishra, Panjak Tripathi and Ekawali Khanna. Film has actors like Anshuman Jha and Shivani Raghuwanshi with major roles. Drumroll has produced songs written by Legendary Yogesh Gaud (who wrote songs for Milli and many others. Drumroll is also under international collaborations on couple of film projects in pipeline.

We are currently updating our site on various other projects under https://www.drumrollpictures.com/

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